User Guide

Tube Times lets you view the timetable of departures from a chosen Tube station.

How to use

  1. Choose your departure station
  2. View the last three trains of the day
  3. Choose a direction to see the full timetable

Note that the timetable can be affected by delays and closures.

Choosing your station

Either choose a line from the Lines tab and then a station, or press the Stations tab to pick from the full list of stations.

Choosing your direction

The station summary page shows all the directions of travel from your chosen station. The last three trains of the day in each direction are also shown. To view the full timetable, choose a direction.

Viewing the timetable

The timetable shows all the departures for the current day. Initially the next train will be shown. You can quickly view the last train of the day, or the first train of the day, by using the buttons on the bottom of the screen.

The timetable initially shows the trains based on the current day of the week. You can change to a different service by pressing the calendar button in the bottom right.

Viewing a train journey

Selecting a departure from the timetable will show the full journey for that particular train. This shows the arrival time at each stop and the journey time in minutes from your starting station.

You can choose to change to another line at a stop, and see departures based on your arrival time at that stop. Choosing a stop will show you the lines and direction you can change to. Choose a direction, and then you’ll see the next departure from that station. (If the first train of the day is highlighted, then there was no train for you to change to.)


The Settings button is at the bottom right of the start screen. You can choose whether to include the last three train times on the station summary screen. You can also choose which train is automatically selected when you first view the timetable for a station.

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